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The Adult Day Center is a safe, structured and nurturing environment where a loved one can enjoy the social interaction of peers, while providing caretakers and families the freedom they need. Whether that means go to work, run errands, visit a doctor or friend, or simply take time to yourself; you can feel comfortable leaving your loved one in our care. At the Adult Day Center, we understand what it takes to care for a loved one with the beginnings of dementia and the emotional needs of a socially isolated adult.

Although we are independently run, we are conveniently nestled between Chai Point and the Jewish Home and Care Center. Founded in 2000, the Day Center was renovated in 2012 and is located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan.

Healthy Aging & Caregiving Tips


Here’s a quick brain health exercise to help your memory. Try it! It’s fun and will only take a few minutes.

  • Using a kitchen timer or your watch, write down as many four letter words as you can think of in four minutes.

  • Now write as many five letter words as you can think of in two minutes.

  • Six letter words will be more difficult- but give it a try!

Usually, speed is not as important as accuracy in an exercise like this, but helping your mind do a little “race walking” is beneficial! Have fun and good luck!


Trying to do everything by yourself will leave a caregiver tired and exhausted. The support of friends, family and community resources likes the Adult Day Center can be an huge help. Dana Rubin-Winkelman, the Social Worker at the Adult Day Center, is also happy to help families develop a plan to accommodate any changes. We are here for you! If friends and family do not offer assistance, asking for help will manage stress and keep everyone healthy.

Ask someone for help today. It may make a big difference!



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Adult Day Center | ReCharge Video

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In Our Words

 “It is a sophisticated program that focuses on nurturing souls, minds and bodies, considering each person as a whole. Our goal is that every person who attends will be so well understood by our staff, that everything we do throughout the day would be able to focus on each person’s individual strengths, abilities, experiences and memories.”

- Dana Rubin-Winkelman

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